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Note from Capt Vishwaranjan Prasad Singh (Retd.)

WWSO's Man-Tech Mission 2025

Private Security and Facility Management Sectors are going through transformation and integration of Technology will become imminent. We are also fully aware about the challenges being faced by our company and Industry as a whole related to shortage of talent, deficiency in training and technology etc. We are taking all possible steps to overcome these problems in shortest possible time.

Man-Tech Mission will lead WWSO to become Hybrid Solution Company in all verticals, whether Security, Facility Management, Staffing or Training. We will be using different Technology, Mobile-app, Artificial Intelligence, Drone, Robotics & other available technology in each vertical. This will be facilitating in serving our clients in a better way.

I believe that Man Guarding businesses would adopt robotic, UAV and other advanced products of technology to replace human applications only when markets for such are developed and demand exists or when economics dictate its profitable viability. To me technological applications appear more productive and profitable when applied to management systems and processes. AI, HR Analytics, Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics and analysis thereof for strategizing market aggression, service delivery methodologies and operational efficiencies.

WWSO Technology and Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Subsidiary of M/s WWSO Security And Facility Limited) has been created to provide Tech- Enabled Services.

Man-Tech Journey

WWSO decided in 2019-20 to shift its focus to become truly Man-Tech Company and process to be completed in 2-3 years. To do this, we have already appointed Capt Arvind Kamboj (Retd) as Chief Technology & Training Advisor and he will lead the technology team and work with Guarding Company experts to achieve our objective to become Man-Tech Company.

Joint Venture with Technology Companies

To overcome the requirement of Technology depth at our end, we have already signed 5 Joint Ventures Agreement will technology providers in different fields like – Tech Hardware, Software, Disaster Management, IT & ICT, CMS, Drone & Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Analytic etc. This will facilitate us and make the Technology available in our company at the time of need.

Executive Trainee for Graduate level Entry – To fill the gap in talent, in 2020-21 we are going to start the entry of Executive Trainee for Graduate Level Entry in our Company. They will undergo six to nine month basic training followed by on-job training to become future leaders at Branch, RO & ZO level.

Preparation for STAR Rating – I would also like to inform you that Quality Council of India has launched STAR Rating Scheme for Private Security Industry and we have decided to become STAR Rated Company and this will be a big differentiator in the market and this will also help us to become market leader.

Case Study Compilation – We are going to compile more than 100 Case Studies and they will be available digitally to all.

Trademark & Copyright – We already have few Trademarks and shortly we are going to have more Trademarks and Copyright registered.

We will keep sharing more information as becomes necessary.