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Sanitization / Dis-infection Services

WWSO FACILITIES is a trustworthy name for all kinds of building, commercial space, industries and housing societies’ sanitization services. Our SOPs ensure that our services are of the highest standards and provide a safe environment to work. We use the latest technologies and procedures and understand the client’s needs to guarantee that our Sanitization Service ensures optimum hygiene and protection by providing a clean, germ-free environment and preventing the spread of dangerous diseases. Our 2-stage disinfection process keeps your premises safe from disease-causing organisms and cross-infections in an enclosed area. All our housekeeping staff is properly trained on how to perform each task, as well as on important safety issues.

How is it done?

Step 1 is Fumigation/ Fogging of entire office space using EPA recommended hospital grade chemicals
Step 2 is Spraying and wiping of all touch points inside and outside office
No furniture is moved during the process
Sanitization of interior of any cupboards, drawers and appliances is avoided
Sanitization of any food item is avoided
Our trained staff wear proper PPE kits and use spraying machines to ensure efficient servicing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the chemicals used by WWSO are designed to kill coronavirus and other harmful viruses and germs.
Entire office space, inside and outside the building is covered, excluding the interior of cupboards, appliances etc.
It takes 2-3 hours, depending on size of area to be fumigated.
We use Stabilised Sodium Hypochlorite solution, diluted in water depending on its intented usage.
As per Govt of India guidelines, sanitation of premises should be done atleast TWICE a week. This can go down to ONCE a fortnight as the threat of COVID 19 subsides in your city.

“To know more about the detailed process, scopes of work and customer preparedness related to the process, please feel free to contact us.

A bespoke service proposal for your unique space requirements will be shared with the detailed scope of work, followed by a quick and effective service.”