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Outsourced Staffing Services

Staffing Solutions is a never-ending task of fulfilling job roles and requirements set forth by any client. WWSO, through its Staffing Vertical, prides in having successfully executed various job role requirements at the white Collar level in the sectors like, tailoring, manufacturing, services etc.

These are some strong points that set us apart from other firms in this sector:

We have extensive branch network in over 300 districts of India. This means that we can provide unskilled manpower from non – local areas to assist the client if so needed.
We are a 100% compliant firm and provide complete transparency in our operations
We provide Junior Manager at clients site at our cost for a more efficient handling of compliances if the number of personnel deployed in more than 100
We are able to provide apprentices for factories from our own ITIs’ in Madhya Pradesh
We are able to provide skilled manpower at same cost with the help of our efficient hiring system which is in place

For more details, you can refer to www.staffing.wwso.in