About WWSO


WWSO, a leading figure in private security & allied services

WWSO is a leading figure in the area of private security and allied services in India. It was set up in 1994 and has since strived towards providing quality and reliable security and other business support services. It has redefined itself continuously to stay ahead of the ever in flux security scenario. Driven by Integrity, Quality Control and Innovation, We at WWSO are committed to keeping you and yours happy.

WWSO was started in February, 1994 under the able leadership of Capt Vishwaranjan Prasad Singh (Retd.). Since then, the company has grown in leaps to reach where it is today. In 25 years, the company has evolved and with the help of a very powerful management, it has reached out to all sectors of the society and industry to provide effective business solutions in the field of Private Security, Facility Management, Cash Logistics & Staffing Services. WWSO has ventured to provide the ultimate business support solutions to its clients through proper training, relationship management, innovation and quality commitment.

It started out in 1994 solely as a company providing security manpower services. Gradually the company has grown and has now branched out into various subsidiaries operating out 04 Regional Offices and 20+ Branch Offices on a PAN INDIA Level.





"To provide a holistic and seamless experience of integrated security & facility management services to our clients in keeping with world-class standards and ever-evolving best practices."


"We are committed to providing accountable, reliable, efficient and effective security solutions through continuous skill enhancement, expansion of product portfolio, welfare of employees and unquestionable integrity and commitment.”